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Weekly Sermons
    Date Speaker Sermon Title Special Music  
    05/19/18 Joel Sutherland Way, Truth, Life Idorenyin Parson  
    05/12/18 Alan Salhany Jesus' Prayer for you    
    05/05/18 Joel Sutherland What Wonderous Love Special Music  
    04/28/18 Alan Salhany I've Found A Friend    
    04/14/18 Alan Salhany Living Stones    
    04/07/18 Joel Sutherland Christ Lives in Me Idorenyin Parson  
    03/31/18 Keli Alvarez Got Grace?    
    03/24/18 Alan Salhany The Arm of Flesh    
    03/17/18 Joel Sutherland Empowerment    
    03/10/18 Alan Salhany Hated    
    02/17/18 Joel Sutherland Your Creator    
    02/10/18 Alan Salhany Friends Of Jesus    
    02/03/18 Joel Sutherland Your Shepherd    
    01/27/18  Rick Copeland The Fruit of Self-Control    
    01/20/18 Joel Sutherland Our High Priest    
    01/06/18 Joel Sutherland He Hears    
    12/30/17 Rick Copeland Let Christ Reign Thyrell Smith  
    12/16/17 Rick Copeland Joy    
    12/09/17 Alan Salhany Peace-Heaven Style    
    11/25/17 James Fry Grateful or for Granted    
    11/18/17 Joel Sutherland Exceeding Abundantly More    
    11/11/17 Alan Salhany The Secret to Divine Empowerment    
    11/04/17 Joel Sutherland Through the Veil Give Thanks - BES  
    10/21/17 Joel Sutherland Live as one forgiven    
    10/14/17 Alan Salhany Superheroes    
    10/07/17 James Meert Love    
    09/30/17 Joel Sutherland Get Out of the Boat    
    09/23/17 Keli Alvarez Your 1st Love    
    09/16/17 Joel Sutherland You are a Minister    
    09/09/17 Alan Salhany What is the Father like    
    09/02/17 Joel Sutherland Dying to Live Forever    
    08/19/17 Joel Sutherland One Heart and Soul    
    08/12/17 Alan Salhany The Way    
    07/29/17 Joel Sutherland Broken and Spilled out    
    07/15/17  Rick Copeland Fruit of the Spirit    
    07/08/17 Tatelynn Blood Kibidula Mission    
    07/01/17 Joel Sutherland God Specializes in the Impossible    
    06/17/17 Rick Copeland Fathers    
    06/13/17 Alan Salhany Buy A Sword Part 2    
    05/13/17 Alan Salhany Prepared    
    05/06/17 Rick Copeland Reflecting Christ    
    04/28/17 Rick Copeland Help Wanted    
    04/22/17 Keli Alvarez Love to Tell the Story    
    04/15/17 James Fry Listen to Sermon    
    04/08/17 Alan Salhany When you are converted    
    03/25/17 Lloyd Schomburg Seize That Mountain    
    03/18/17 Alan Salhany Heavenly Hope    
    03/11/17 Rick Copeland Everlanding Arms    
    03/04/17 Lloyd Schomburg ESAABN Miracle    
    02/25/17 Leon Everett God on the Brain    
    02/18/17 Joel Sutherland Why We Love    
    08/27/16 James Fry Repent    
    08/13/16 Alan Salhany Parable of the Fig Tree Sturdevant  
    03/26/16 Keli Alvarez Racing with Joy    
    03/12/16 Alan Salhany Children of Light    
    02/20/16 Lloyd Schomburg Why Christian Education    
    02/13/16 Alan Salhany If I Be Lifted Up    
    02/06/16 Lloyd Schomburg Noah's View Point    
    01/30/16 Lloyd Schomburg Luke 23    
    01/16/16 Lloyd Schomburg Old Rugged Cross    
    01/09/16 Alan Salhany Woe Part 2    
    01/02/16 Tracy Carvel Plan to Sow    
    12/26/15 Rick Copeland Always Encourage    
    11/28/15 Norman McNulty GIving Thanks    
    11/14/15 Keli Alvarez Listen to the Sermon    
    11/07/15 Lloyd Schomburg Listen to the Sermon    
    10/31/15 Lloyd Schomburg Listen to the Sermon    
    10/24/15 Norman McNulty Song of Moses & the Lamb    
    09/20/15 Lloyd Schomburg Listen to the Sermon    
    08/30/14 Tracy Carvel Listen to the Sermon    
    08/23/14 Jessie Malin Listen to the Sermon    
    08/09/14 Alan Salhany Listen to the Sermon